A Day In The RRum Life

In the land of the new normal, the days are often filled with a template of video calls, emails, odd hobbies, house projects and other general monotonies. Yesterday, I myself was stricken by a particularly bothersome bit of boredom and decided that the only cure would be a steady dose of rum, Richland Rum. Luckily, the medicine cabinet was stocked with two brand new bottles: the Virgin Coastal Georgia Expression and the Cask Strength Expression. These two expressions gave me plenty of options for cocktail creativity and luckily I had a decent inventory of grocery items to accompany them. 

The afternoon was hot and humid, but I knew a bit of outdoor air would do me some good. I needed something cool and refreshing to beat the Summer heat, so I gathered some watermelon juice and uncorked the Virgin Coastal Georgia Expression; I’ve always enjoyed this expression for its grassy and floral notes and thought it’d be perfect with the watermelon. The addition of basil from my home garden (haven’t we all become gardeners in recent months?) would be a nice accent of flavor as well, and I’d finish it with tonic water. The concoction, which I gave the name of “Rum & Melon Tonic” was delightfully refreshing and made the outdoor time very enjoyable. My dog joined me on the porch steps- I with my book and beverage, he with his nose and attentive ears. The time passed slowly and we eventually meandered back indoors as evening approached.

The Rum & Melon Tonic had really eased the melancholy, and I felt that some good music might now be in order. I slid one of my favorite records out of the sleeve and placed it on the turntable, primed and ready for the needle to touch down. But before the music could commence, I needed my next Richland Rum apéritif. I was craving something darker, something spicy, something bold…aha! behold: the “Cask Strength and Cola”. The depthy flavors of the Cask Strength are a perfect match for the sweetness and spiciness of cola, but I also wanted to add a bit more dynamism. Some fresh squeezed orange juice would be nice and luckily I have a bottle of “Richland Almost Rum (Barrel Aged)” cane syrup, so I added both of those ingredients into the mix. The result was outstanding. This drink had a lot of impressive improvisation, like a virtuosic jazz ensemble, each ingredient could take center stage while also allowing the others to do their thing. The music was good, the cocktail was good, the night was good.

When the drinks were finished and the records stopped spinning, the moon had arrived with full luminosity. The quiet hours were approaching, which meant a night cap was in order. I saved the best for last…simple, spicy, strong. 2 ounces (maybe a little more) of Cask Strength over a block of ice, stirred with a minuscule peel of habanero pepper which also served as an eye-popping garnish. All art is subjective, but I’m subjectively saying that this bold beauty is a masterpiece. The spice of the habanero and the strength of the Rum had a counterbalancing effect that made each sip more and more revealing. A perfect way to conclude A Day in the RRum Life. 

Not every day is easy, but every day is something, and maybe that’s more than enough. Y’all hold steady out there, enjoy the moments, enjoy the rum (responsibly) and be well. 



“Rum & Melon Tonic” 

  1. Gently muddle 2 oz watermelon juice and basil in shaker
  2. Add 1.5 oz Virgin Coastal Georgia Expression and ice
  3. Shake and strain into highball glass with ice
  4. Fill with tonic water (apx 6 oz)
  5. Basil sprig garnish 

“Cask Strength & Cola”

  1. Pour 2 oz of Cask Strength Expression into shaker
  2. Add 1 oz of fresh squeezed OJ and 1 tsp of Richland Almost Rum and stir then shake with ice
  3. Pour over ice in highball glass
  4. Top with 6 oz Cola (adjust for taste)

“Night Spice”

  1. Pour 2 oz Richland Rum Cask Strength over a block of ice
  2. Cut minuscule slice of habanero pepper and thread onto cocktail sword
  3. Stir and enjoy