Before There Is Richland Rum, There Is Richland Almost Rum

Before there is Richland Rum®, there is Richland Almost Rum®. Richland Almost Rum is the 100% Pure Sugarcane Syrup that we use to make Richland Rum by introducing it to a proprietary yeast to ferment, then eventually distill, barrel age, and bottle. However we do not use all of that delicious sugarcane syrupy goodness for making rum- some of it we decide to bottle as is to become Richland Almost Rum.

Richland Almost Rum begins as sustainably grown sugarcane that is cultivated and harvested each year on the farm at Richland Estate. Sometime in late fall the harvesting process begins, during which the fresh cane is cut and stripped by hand. Sugarcane contains a natural juice that can be extracted by pressing or grinding the cane. The sugarcane juice has a brief shelf life, so in order to maintain all the beneficial properties we heat the juice and gradually reduce it into a concentrated syrup. By doing this, the liquid not only maintains all its delicious flavors, but also its number of key vitamins and minerals including calcium, potassium, and iron.

Richland Almost Rum is always gluten free, it has no additives, no preservatives, no artificial colorings and zero sodium. It is a wonderful alternative for processed sugars and artificial sweeteners. Richland Almost Rum is perfect for a number of recipes including dutch apple dumplings, marinades for grilling, mixed with olive oil for dipping, and what about drizzled on your favorite ice cream?? Of course, Richland Almost Rum is ideal for a variety of cocktails both as a replacement for high fructose syrups and as a flavorful focal point. Try it in an old fashioned or add a teaspoon to your next mojito to add a little gusto.

Richland Almost Rum is available at both our Richland and Brunswick Distilleries as well as in our Online Store. It comes in a variety of sizes, everything from a 1 oz sampler to a 16 oz bottle. We also have a very special “Barrel Aged Richland Almost Rum” which is made by placing the syrup in previously filled Richland Rum barrels; the barrel aging of the syrup imparts a number of flavors characteristic of our rum…kind of a full circle moment.

Richland Almost Rum: Pure. Sweet. Simple.

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