In a truly creative world, separation between artist and patron becomes non-distinct. The Richland Private Barrel Selection Program is an opportunity to assess, taste, and select a barrel of Richland Rum that perfectly aligns with your unique palette. The selection process will consist of fruitful dialogue between you and our Proprietor and Master Distiller in order to designate a handful of barrels form our aging rum inventory that possess the traits you appreciate. From there, you will be invited to sample the barrels which have been set aside in order to select your favorite among them. Your barrel of choice will be bottled at optimal strength as determined by you, the Proprietor, and Master Distiller, and will include certain naming rights to ensure the exclusivity of your selection.

The Richland Private Barrel Selection Program is an invitation to become a part of the artistry that is the Richland Rum Making Process. Richland Private Barrels are as unique as they are dynamic, a masterpiece made even more distinguished by their exclusivity. Richland Private Barrels are ideal for hotels, bars, restaurants, businesses, corporate events, weddings, and other celebratory or distinguished occasions.


Please contact [email protected] to arrange selection, or to inquire about further details.