Front & Center: Jamie Lyn Bobbitt

A walk though our distillery in Richland is sure to evoke certain memorable sensations- the sweet, herbal aroma of our sugarcane syrup fermenting, the vibrant image of our copper pot stills, a brush of the hand along one of our 1000+ barrels peacefully resting on their iron racks…and the unmistakable chatter and laughter of our Richland Rum Team Member, Jamie Lyn Bobbitt. Jamie arrived in Richland in 2017 after working at a veterinarian’s office in her hometown of Reynolds, Ga. Her interest in tourism (Georgia Tourism specifically) persuaded her to seek a change of scenery, and it just so happened that the stars aligned and she joined our team as a customer care representative. Although she would grow to take on more and more roles and responsibilities at the Distillery, it has always been her appreciation for people which is at the core of what she does and who she is. We must also mention her taste for quality rum and the ability to keep the team organized. Just ask Roger, TJ, and Rick who is in charge and there is no hesitation: it’s Jamie. 

Jamie’s enthusiasm and talents make her the essential figure at the front desk as well as throughout the Richland Distillery. Her quick wit and good sense of humor help keep everyone refreshed, and her expansive knowledge makes her someone who can wear many [camouflage] hats. Any given day you may see Jamie guiding a tour, taking inventory for the gift shop, trying to keep Roger happy (not an easy task, haha), filing taxes, or perhaps mixing up one of her many exquisite cocktails. In fact, Jamie is the author, designer, and creator of our Richland Rum Cocktail Book which is available in the gift shop or online. She spent many hours at home with her husband crafting new recipes to be included in the book, and the entire process was a chance to engage her creative side. The result is a beautiful collection of Richland Rum cocktails ranging from the simplest and most straightforward to the more elegant and extraordinary. The admiration of her cocktail recipes played an integral part in the launch of our pre-made cocktail bottles sales which were introduced in the Spring of 2020. By the way, her personal favorite recipe is the “Richland Rosette” and you can see the recipe for that below.

Being a main figure at the Distillery for over three years, Jamie has been front and center for much of the growth both locally and abroad. In that span, Richland Rum has been called “America’s Best Rum” by Forbes Magazine(c), was selected as a top rum for Scotch Drinkers by The Robb Report(c), and has expanded into dozens of states and countries worldwide. But beyond the global acclaim, it has always been the Georgia led initiatives that Jamie admires most, such as the number of “Georgia Grown” gift shop items, the Cask Exchange Programs and other local/Georgia collaborations. These Georgian collaborations are an extension of the bond created among the Richland Rum team in general, both in Richland and Brunswick, and Jamie noted that it is this family-like bond which is what makes it so unique and so special to be a part of Richland Rum.


“Just like a family- sometimes we have disagreements. At the end of the day we always get over it and share a beer.”

Jamie’s good nature and take-it-easy attitude allow her to navigate the storms better than most, but 2020 has dealt an especially challenging hand. Earlier this Summer, just days after marrying her husband Micheal at Driftwood Beach in Jekyll Island, Jamie fell ill while on honeymoon. Doctors diagnosed her with a heart condition, and after a couple months of hospital and home care Jamie has recently been placed on the transplant list at Emory Hospital in Atlanta. Due to COVID, she is unable to go home and must wait in the Hospital, hoping to be matched with a donor. Her cheerful attitude and countless video calls with her husband and 17 month old daughter, Kenna Claire, with a few cameos from their golden retriever Paisley Anne, have helped keep her in good spirits and we assure you that she has not lost her humor in all this. Right now, the first priority is getting healthy so that Jamie can keep up with Kenna Claire, but she is eagerly looking forward to a time when she can just sit on the beach for an entire day, relaxing, painting, maybe enjoying a Richland Rosette or two, and just simply hanging out. 

Our team here in Richland eagerly awaits Jamie’s healthy recovery so that we can see here smiling again front and center as everyone walks through the doors. She is already talking about a few seasonal themed cocktails, and rest assured she has a few special holiday ideas in mind. 2020 has been a challenging year for all of us, but throughout the difficulties we are reminded of the good things all around us. Jamie is certainly one of those people who makes the day a bit brighter for everyone she meets, and we hope to hear of good news and good vibes for her, as we know she does the same for everyone else 🙂


“Richland Roseate”


4 oz Single Estate Virgin Coastal Georgia Rum
2 oz triple sec
2 oz cranberry juice
1 oz lime juice


Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Strain into a rocks glass and garnish with 2-3 blackberries, a sprig of rosemary, and an orange spiral.

Although Jamie is not one to ask for help, any donation to her medical expenses fund is greatly appreciated:

Jamie Mims “Go Fund Me”