The beauty of any great work of art is most aptly appreciated when it is experienced alongside the artist themselves in the environment in which it was created. Richland Private Tours are an invitation for rum aficionados to experience each phase of the Richland Rum Making Process alongside the people who conduct it, in order to more fully appreciate the artistry involved. Private Tours are an exposition into the term “Single-Estate”, beginning on the farm at Richland Estate where sugarcane is cultivated for the sole purpose of making Richland Rum and ending in the Barrel House where the large inventory of aging rum quietly rests. 

As America’s only Single-Estate rum distillery, it is an honor to share with guests the beauties, intricacies, and exceptional qualities that define Richland Rum. Private Tours can be accommodated for groups large and small, and are ideal for company retreats, bachelor/bridesmaids jaunts, as an adventurous gift, or for anyone who wants to get a more intimate experience into the creation of “America’s Best Rum.” 

(Note: Private Tours available in Brunswick with modifications)

Please contact us at [email protected] to arrange your very one private tour, or to inquire about further details.