Proprietor’s Introduction

Congratulations on your procurement of the Richland Rum Tasting Kit, and welcome to this special virtual tasting of each of those five notable Richland Rum Expressions included in your kit. In addition to a comprehensive tasting of each of these Expressions, I will also guide you through our authentic Rum Making Process, which begins on our Sugarcane Farm at Richland Estate and ends either in Brunswick or Richland…of course, the beauty of our Rum doesn’t actually end upon bottling, but continues, once it is poured and enjoyed by you all, our distinguished friends and patrons.

Please Enjoy, Cheers!


:06 Introduction To Authentic Rum Making
1:02 Agricultural Rum: Made From Sugar Cane
2:00 Fermenting With Sugar Cane Syrup
2:28 Distilling: Patience Makes Perfection
3:40 Maturation, Bottling, Barrel Aging
4:56 Single Barrel Bottling Distinction
5:17 Using New American White Oak Barrels

6:45 Virgin Coastal Georgia Expression
10:48 Classic Single-Estate Old Georgia Rum
16:00 Classic Cask Strength Old Georgia Rum
21:18 Chateau Elan Port Cask Exchange
27:11 Terrapin Imperial Milk Stout Cask Exchange
31:32 Final Remarks & Invitation To Visit