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I just received my bottle of rum and I have to say it is the best sipping rum I have tried. I love the complex flavors it brings, a nice taste of caramel and oak. This rum is extra smooth and great for special occasions (like Friday). It is a hit with me!

The Spirt of Georgia® is America’s Best Rum

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About Richland Rum

Richland Distilling Company began in 1999 on the farm at Richland Estate with the planting of sugar cane to be used in making rum. Sugar cane is a historical crop grown in Georgia since the early 1800’s, but had become almost extinct until Richland Rum revived it in 1999. Twenty years later, with two distilleries in Richland & Brunswick, GA, and multiple award-winning rum expressions, Richland Rum is setting the standard for top quality rum making around the world.

Richland Rum Expressions

Although there are a handful of notable, award winning Expressions in the Richland Rum Portfolio, each Expression begins as ONE, Farm To Glass, Single Estate Rum. The character of each Expression comes from variances in aging, selection/bottling, and barrel characteristics including special “Cask Exchange” collaborations. Each Expression is unique, but its label will always carry the prestigious Richland Rum® name.

Commemorative Selections

Richland Rum Commemorative Selections are released on a limited basis and with special distinctions; their exclusivity brings awareness to their creation. Not all Commemorative Selections are available for purchase, as some selections are reserved for special auction, display and other purposes. Highlights include the “RR20 Commemorative Selection” celebrating 20 years of Artisan Rum Making at Richland Estate, and the “Presidential Reserve Commemorative Selection” made in partnership with President Jimmy Carter and The Carter Center.

Additional Content

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